About me

IMG_2300Hi! Welcome to my blog. Raised in the rural Highlands of Scotland, I migrated to London several years ago, in pursuit of wealth, a career and the general promises you see in those small-town-girl-moves-to-the-big-city films.

I was brought up in a family of food-lovers. One of my earliest memories is Monday baking with my mum and brother on our lopsided table in the kitchen and I will forever be known in my family as the toddler who made up a song about steak pie. Over the years I have developed an appetite for quality food and home cooking, and since being in London my passion has grown and grown.

When I’m not at Story PR working for some of the coolest food and drink brands in the UK, I’m writing for Love Food Love Drink. You can see some of my articles here.

In one month and counting I’m moving to Berlin to explore a new food scene, so expect lots of wurst-fuelled posts and insights from my new life.

If you want to get in touch, my email address is rose.mccullough@hotmail.co.uk



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