The Kitchen Lust List

New year, new list of gadgets, utensils and other apparently-useful-but-probably-obsolete things I need for my kitchen. Here’s my top picks to bring a touch of excitement to your kitchen.


A spiralizer

Until last year, no one had even heard of courgetti  (courgette spaghetti) or cunoodles (cucumber noodles). Now they are common place, hell I’ve even eaten them on holiday. They’re super on-trend and also super healthy if you’re looking to cut down on carbs, but not on your favourite dishes. To get the best results put your veg peeler to one side and invest in a spiralizer. My top pick is the brand spanking new Hemsley + Hemsley one, available here.

form-tea-pot-01Tom Dixon anything

I am a huge fan of Tom Dixon and have fallen in love with his ‘Form’ range. Whether it’s the Form Jug, Form Tea Set or Form Cake Slice, make sure you’re getting some. I’ve got them all at the top of my list.

Oh…and if you merely want to enjoy his designs from afar, check out the wonderful Dandelyan bar at Mondrian London, or the newly opened Tom Dixon Sandwich shop in Harrods.


The Aga City 60

Some people lust after a tiny urban car. Well I am currently lusting after this tiny urban Aga. Created for smaller homes and ‘city kitchens’, these little creations bring range cooking to even the pokiest of London gaffs.




A NutriBullet

Like the spiralizer, Nutribullet came into it’s own in 2014 and if you haven’t already got one (or one of the cheaper versions available on Amazon), then I suggest you do. They’re awesome for extracting the best from your fruit and veg, creating delicious smoothies with handy lidded cups. Follow them on Twitter to get loads of ideas about how best to use one. You can pick them up here.



The Sainsbury’s Cookware range

Finally, my top tip. Sainsbury’s currently have a fantastic sale on their kitchenware, and amongst that is a range of copper pots and pans that have all be reduced to ridiculous prices. And let me assure you that they come highly recommended. Snap them up before they go!


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