I’m back and it has been too long

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve written on the blog. I’ve had a summer of sun, fun and food, so I thought I’d share my highlights to get back into the swing of things…

The newest partnership in town – Salon X Elly Pear

Elly from Bristol’s Pear Cafe has teamed up with The Salon in Brixton for a series of intimate supper clubs. I went to the first of the series, with dishes including Rebujito with Tio Pepe Fino butter and seeds, Almond & Buttermilk Soup with Peckham fig leaves and her famous Frittatas served with Brixton veg Fritto Mixto and pickled apple. It was an absolute treat and Elly had quite a fan group there. This is set to be a really interesting partnership.

Check it out here and book your tickets before they go!








La Ruta Martiana, Mallorca

I was lucky enough to escape the city for a week’s R&R in Mallorca earlier in the summer. Based in Palma we had some great meals, and some quite average meals, but one of our best discoveries was La Ruta Matiana (The Martian Route). A whole host of bars across the city display a martian sticker in their windows and on Tuesday nights open their doors to hoards of people there for the deal of the night – €2 for a caña (small beer) and tapa (singular of tapas). The locals were out in force on the night we went and although you have to shout on top of the crowds in broken Spanish to place your order it’s a great way to check out lots of bars, try a variety of tapas and meet some fun people. We started at Barfina, but my favourite spot was Molta Barra.

Find out more here.

Whilst I’m on the subject of Mallorca, the best restaurant we tried – by far – was Celler Sa Premsa, recommended in a tattered Guardian Travel article I had been carrying round with me for months. Make sure you go.








Pizza Pilgrims comes to Kingly Court

Pizza Pilgrims is a street food stalwart in London. However having made their first move off the streets to Dean Street last summer, they have just opened their second joint in Kingly Court by Carnaby Street. What can I say, I’m sure you already know how good the pizzas are. I had the Calzone Ripieno, folded pizza with napoli salami, ricotta & mushroom, topped w/ tomato, fior di latte & parmesan and I managed to nab a slice of my partner in dine’s Portobello & Truffle. It was all great. And cheap. Go. Now.

You can’t make reservations, but here’s the menu to stare at.








My new favourite hang out, WC

It’s been one of the trendiest movements of late, converting old water closets into cool, intimate hang outs. WC is no different, having been created in the old toilet behind Clapham Common tube station. WC stands for wine and cheese, and they do it really well. Definitely check out the cheese board and see if someone can tell you a little about the choices and which wines to order with it. The bar itself has a great atmosphere, with dim lighting, the old stall doors as tables and vintage porn (found when gutting the place) proudly framed in the loos.

Go with friends for a mid-week evening tipple.










Who has time to cook? Riverford recipe boxes

I’m sure most Londoners would agree with me, if we can get away with it, dinner is a ready meal or a pasta sauce made with whatever-that-was-at-the-back-of-the-fridge. Now Riverford, the leading veg box company in the UK, has come up with a solution that means you can eat delicious, organic meals without ANY fuss. Their new recipe boxes, which include everything you need to make three meals for two people, are available through their website, with three options available – original, quick meals or vegetarian. Mine came with recipes for Risotto Milanese, Smoked salmon & beetroot pasta salad and Beef & hoisin stir fry. The portions are huge, so you could definitely eek three portions out of each.

Prices start from £33, available here.










The best fried chicken recipe, like, ever

Having started writing for Love Food Love Drink, I’ve been invited to some really interesting events. One of my favourites having been hosted by…wait for it…Loyd Grossman sauces. They held an event with The Food People, a group who look into current and future food trends, as well as John Quilter, The Food Busker. Through the course of the evening we tried lots of dishes, but my favourite by far was the crispy, juicy fried chicken, battered with vodka. Yep, you heard right.

Check out the recipe here.










An ode to the lobster at Mussel Men

This summer the Mussel Men launched their first ever permanent restaurant up in Dalston. I went along with fellow LFLD writer, Josie, to sample the menu. We had everything from gin cured salmon, to oysters to a whole lobster and some mussels thrown in for good measure. The seafood is all prepared excellently and the drinks to accompany were perfection. Not to mention, the service was brilliant – we were challenged to a shot competition. ‘Nuff said.

Visit them here and check out Josie’s review here.










The bloody good Bloody Oyster

Continuing with my seafood theme, one of my favourites of the summer was meeting the brilliant Bloody Oyster chaps, who I interviewed for LFLD. They had a temporary plot at the Love Festival on Southbank, where their dishes included Deep Fried Oyster Po’Boy, Ceviche Oysters and Fried Oysters with charcoal mayonnaise, to name a few. And I can’t mention them without downright praising the Bloody Marys. OMG, I could live off the Bloody Maria with rosemary smoke and sherry.

It’s all wrapped up now, but keep and eye on them, and their bus Mary, to see where they’ll pop up next.








London Bridge Open Kitchen

Finally, this summer saw Story PR move over to Bermondsey Street, and so life has swiftly changed from trawling the streets of Soho (no, not like that) to eating my way around London Bridge. The Open Kitchen was a great festival held outside the White Cube Gallery, where restaurants and bars from the area set up shop. All of our new neighbours were there, including the lovely Jose and the Pizarro team, Antico, Bermondsey Tonic Water and The Garrison.

Check out Discover London Bridge to see what else is going on in the area.

London Bridge


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