Who needs to go abroad? A London staycation

I can’t remember the last time I spent a full bank holiday in London. Usually I use the extra days off as an excuse to go abroad, but decided this time round to staycation in the big city. Who knew so much could be crammed into a long weekend?

photo 1-1

Boated down the Thames, as an honorary tourist, from Westminster to Tower Bridge

photo 2-1

Visited Borough Market and queued down the street to have coffee at Monmouth

photo 3-1

Introduced dad to Doom Bar Cornish beer at the Clapham North pub

photo 2-2

Roasted my first wood pigeon with homemade red currant jelly gravy, wilted dandelion leaves and sautéed chard

photo 5-1

Had £5 sourdough pizzas at The Ferm (Breads Etcetera) on Clapham High Street with my housemate and our parents

photo 4-1

Visited my friend’s family in Haselmere for a chocolate-fuelled Easter Sunday lunch

photo 3-2

Had time to breakfast properly in the sunshine

photo 1-2

Pretended it was summer, with copious cups of al fresco coffee



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