The Edible Atlas

I was delighted to recently be invited to help celebrate my good friend, Mina Holland’s, launch of her first book, The Edible Atlas. When we first met a few years ago she had just signed the contract for it, so it was incredibly exciting to finally have the hard copy in my hands.

The Edible Atlas takes you on a journey across the globe looking at the different culinary platforms of a multitude of countries. Each section focuses on a different continent and within in that specific countries and regions. Mina has worked with a variety of chefs, cooks and foodies from thirty-nine cuisines to help build up a collection of recipes, larder lists, spice trails and insights into the culinary culture of the area.

Illustrious contributors include Signe Johansen, Jose Pizarro, Nuno Mendes, Russell Norman and Rebecca Seal – so there’s a weight of knowledge on every page, combined with Mina’s beautiful writing.

It’s an Elizabeth David-esque read, a perfect bedside book. Yotam says it’s “fantastic” and I agree, so pick up a copy here. Hell, I even get a mention on page 349!



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