The speakeasy scene

After my trip to New York at the end of last year I have become a real sucker for a good speakeasy. I love the mystery of walking down an unknown street, looking for the unmarked door that leads to an exciting abyss of cocktails, dim lighting and music.

London has several answers to the New York scene, one of the latest additions of which coming in the form of The Discount Suit Company.

After a long day at work I found myself wondering down a characteristically deserted street  near Bank searching for the concealed entrance to DSC. Had I been looking up, I would have noticed the dilapidated sign hanging above the entrance, but, due to my height and dogged determination to find the right number, I totally missed it. I finally found the doorway, lit by a lone lamp at the bottom of a staircase.

Once inside, The Discount Suit Company has all the classic fixtures of a London ‘trendy’- bare brick walls, beautiful glassware, miss-matched furniture and an adventurous cocktail menu.

As a mezcal-lover I opted with a Pina Fumada, combining a mezcal with velvet falernum, acia honey, lemon and fresh pineapple. The result was a suitably smoky drink that complemented the dim and broody interior.

As pay day was on the horizon, my friends and I then moved on to the house white, which was really pleasant, and whiled away a few hours enjoying the relaxed and cool atmosphere.

It’s a great little spot for a cocktail, and I image at the weekends the atmosphere steps up a gear to embody the prohibition era in true New York style.

photo 1photo 2


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