Zumbura, Clapham Old Town

Clapham-ites brace yourselves. Zumbura has landed in the Old Town and it is a must try.  Get ready for this cool new Indian restaurant with beautiful decor, an adventurous menu and exciting cocktails.

photo 5

This opening has been kept pretty quiet on the food scene, but that does not mean that it doesn’t deserve some serious respect. The head chef is Raju Rawat, who was the owner of the late Moolis in Soho *weep*. A small ‘disclaimer’ at the bottom of the menu states that all recipes have been passed down the family for generations, so my expectations were pretty high.

photo 1

We tried a couple of the small plates to whet our appetite whilst we sipped the Bubbleberry cocktails and Indian Negronis. These little ‘starters’ arrive quickly on gorgeous plates (did I mention the decor is impeccable). I opted for crispy, spiced Pakora, whilst the others had Aloo Tikia (spiced potato cakes with pink pickled onions) and Chaat (crisp breads with yogurt and a zesty tamarind sauce). Despite my friend choosing Chaat purely because the description had the closest resemblance to nachos (she will remain anonymous), it is definitely what I’d go for next time, it was gorgeous.

photo 2

Next we moved on to the larger dishes (they recommend you to have 2 or 3 each). I chose Anda Salan (egg curry in a light home-style sauce), Keema Muttar (spiced mince mutton with peas) and Muttar Pulao (braised rice with peas and spices). All three of my dishes were beautifully spiced and fragrant. My friends also reported that the Kofte (beef meatballs stuffed with herbs in a spicy sauce) was very good. Unfortunately, despite these delectable dishes, we found the Daal and Aloo Ki Tarkari disappointingly bland.

photo 4

The tapas-style menu means that it is on the pricier end for a mid-week dinner. For four dishes, a cocktail and sparkling water my bill came to £26. But, my slightly *thirstier* friends found their bill doubled.

Zumbura’s food is a real step away from the Anglo-Indian curries found in the rest of Clapham. I’m raising a glass to them for bringing a little spice to the South West.


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