Let the gold see the Smirnoff

I remember my first day at uni, the day we could at last break free, drink weird blue shots, crawl round the city pubs and generally forget all the confines of school.

My first proper drink on that fateful day, to celebrate our new found freedom, is something I’ve loved ever since- Goldschlager. The cinnamon-y, gold flecked shots are one of the few remaining memories from our first day at Leeds. So I was super excited to see that Smirnoff had brought out a new gold version, very similar to its Swiss counterpart. This latest expression is flavoured with cinnamon and the characteristic gold leaf pieces (which everyone knows cuts your throat and gets you more drunk…).

It looks gorgeous in the bottle and so, in the festive spirit, I tried out their Apple Bite cocktail.

25ml Smirnoff gold
50ml apple juice
50ml lemonade
Slice of lime

It’s quite a sweet drink, so not to everyone’s taste, but is really simple and festive. The apple and cinnamon combine to make apple pie in a glass!




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