Smoky sausage casserole

This was a quick dinner I knocked up the other night with some sad leftover sausages. Very simple, but definitely worth a share!

Dinner for one

Two sausages, chopped into pieces

A quarter cabbage, finely sliced

A big handful if Brussels spouts, chopped in half with outer leaves removed

One small onion, diced

One garlic clove, crushed

One teaspoon Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli Paste

Half a jar of Belazu Sundried Tomato and Smoked Paprika Paste

One tin of chopped tomatoes

Fresh beef stock

Olive oil


Start by softening the onions and garlic in a large frying pan. Add the sausage pieces and let them brown. Next, add the cabbage and Brussels sprouts and cook until they start go to soft.

Add the Gran Luchito Chilli Paste (depending in your spice tolerance you can add more or less, but the flavour is gorgeous), the Belazu Smoked Paprika and Sundried Tomato Paste, the tin of tomatoes and your stock.

Season to taste and leave in a low heat for about twenty minutes to reduce.

Meanwhile, prepare either rice or, my preference, barley cous cous (Belazu do a nice one).

Once the sauce is reduced, serve and enjoy!



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