A week of tastings. Tasting #1 – Wine by Laithwaite’s

A little while ago I had a week of tastings. A veritable tastebud adventure!

Here’s the first installment in a series of three posts about my gastro-adventures…

It started on 25th October with the Laithwaite’s Live wine show at Vinopolis. With a  wide variety of wines from across the globe, carefully paired with delicious, unusual food, the room was buzzing with wine-thusiasts.

Having been treated to a wine tasting with Master of Wine, Sarah-Jane Evans, a few months ago, I endeavoured to try every wine properly (minus using the spittoon, which in hindsight might not have been the best idea). It was very interesting discussing each wine with hugely knowledgeable Laithwaite’s staff, who were always ready with the next bottle of wine to try.

After a few hours mulling over the stalls our highlights included a crisp white Lagler Gruner Veltliner Federspiel (2012) from Austria, a spicy Sula Nasika Zinfadel (2012) from Sula Vineyards in India and a fruity, full bodied Black Stump Durif Shiraz (2012) from Australia. Alongside these, I hugely enjoyed a gooey Epoisses from Pong and Ostrich steak from Borough Market’s own Exotic Meat Company.

photoAs well as sampling numerous wines from around the world, we were privy to a first taste of Laithwaite’s first Wyfold Vineyard English Sparkling Wine (2010) that was launched on the day! Small bubbles, with a creamy mouthfeel made for a delicious drink (and the label was pretty cool too).

image copy 4

Finally, we had the chance to sit in on a few talks at the Tasting Theatre with Tom Laithwaite and pals, including Wine and Gorvett & Stone Chocolates, Are you a Super taster? and Wine and Music. The talks were brief, but very interesting, and made all the more fun by a group of rather tipsy middle-aged women leering at the attractive waiter!!

…We shortly followed suit…


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