So, at the end of last year there was a surge in chicken-themed restaurants. Chicken Shop, Tramshed and Wishbone led the charge. And boy, did it create a buzz.

Late to the party as always (although I like to think of it as fashionably so), I visited Wishbone in Brixton on Friday night. I don’t tend to pay that much attention to reviews, but having read this one by Brixtonite Jay Rayner, I was a bit apprehensive.

image copyLuckily we’d booked via twitter (very modern) and so swanned past the massive queue to be seated upstairs, overlooking the market. Now, I’m generally not too fussed about loud music creating a ‘cool vibe’, but it did make our conversation that little bit more laborious as each comment had to be passed round like Chinese Whispers. Having browsed the drinks menu I convinced them all to go for a bourbon sour, with egg, on ice. These arrived quickly and were great. Although I couldn’t actually hear what they thought, I could tell by their faces they were enjoying them.

imageNext, we grazed the menu and opted for a main each and lots of sides to share. I went for the Buffalo Stack, which was not very stack-like but there was plenty of it. Alongside we had chips, deep-fried mac’n’cheese and mashed potato with smoked chicken gravy.

image copy 2The Buffalo sauce was a bit disappointing. Each bite of chicken exploded with an intensely vinegary/salty/spicy taste. A little too much for me to handle, so I tucked into the sides instead, which were very tasty – especially the mac’n’cheese.

Having filled up on as much as we possibly could, we agreed that the highlight had definitely been the sours right at the beginning. Maybe I should have heeded Jay’s warning. But glad to have been, even if I did end up craving a KFC on the way back to the tube.


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