A proper pizza

photoThere’s something that unites many hungover twenty-somethings on a Saturday morning – painfully stretching for your phone to order a Dominoes pizza and then impatiently tracking the carb-load as it edges ever-nearer. So, why the heck would you actually get dressed into clothes and step outside?

Sourdough. That’s why.

As a new Brixton recruit I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of foodie joints on my doorstep. Just inside the doorway of Market Row is Franco Manca, where a heady waft of doughy-goodness emanates from their two facing premises.

We ordered pizzas topped with Tomato, Cured Organic Chorizo & Mozzarella and Tomato, Garlic, Oregano, Capers, Anchovy & Mozzarella, which arrived at our table before our tummies had time to rumble, and washed it all down with homemade lemonade.

Franco Manca pride themselves on their high-quality, carefully sourced ingredients, the provenance of which are outlined in detail on their website. Each slow-rising sourdough-based pizza is baked in a wood burning ‘Tufae’ oven by specialised artisans from Naples. This attention to detail really shows, and it’s clear Franco Manca are the masters of what they do. It pays off to do one thing, really well.

We enjoyed our pizzas a lot and I can guarantee that Franco’s will become a regular spot where we will be found on many a weekend.

…And thanks to a handy doggy bag, no crust gets left behind….


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