Brasserie Zedél, in all its splendour

As recently appointed social sec at work, it fell to me last week to party plan my colleague’s leaving do (Pippa Middleton, watch out. I’m going to write a book as well as you.) Anyway, safe to say that following one too many margaritas at Wahaca and two too many glasses of wine on the Maggie’s dance floor, I was a little less than fresh the following morning. Having said that, however, nothing can stop me when a good lunch is the order of the day. So, armed with double strength paracetamol and a load of self-will, I headed on down to Brasserie Zedél.

Brasserie Zedél is a pretty spectacular restaurant. Deeply Parisian and virtually flawless. Filled with ladies who lunch and enough work meetings to create a pleasant ‘it’s almost the weekend’ buzz, I sat and enjoyed a Bloody Mary whilst nosily people-watching.

Once Mina arrived- thank you for the extra fifteen mins to compose myself!- we mulled over the Gallic menu opting for oysters (Mina), plaice (me), green salad dotted with fresh pink peppercorns and a carafe of their delightful Picpoul. Of course, I must mention that being the deeply Parisian place that it is, we also navigated one of their traditional bottomless bread baskets.

The oysters came gleaming on ice with red onions and plenty of Tabasco, the plaice toasted and sweet in a brown butter sauce. We devoured both, agreeing that the hype was deserved. Following that, although satiated, we had to the chocolate mousse to share. Again, the French do it best and we were pleasantly surprised by the lightness of it, despite its indulgent facade.

I left Brasserie Zedél having experienced exactly what I’d hoped for. The food was great, as was the decor, which in itself is worth a visit, and the company was impeccable. What’s more, I haven’t been able to get those oysters out of my head since…expect a write up of Bonnie Gull or The Wright Brothers ASAP.


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