And so it begins

Eighteen months, you say. That’s quite a long time. Time enough to get established, find your feet and all that garb. Why so long to start a blog?

Moving to London opened my eyes a foodie community I never knew existed. Although I have been meaning to blog about my finds since that first Wahaca taquito back in June 2011, I never found the right time to get going. Once you’ve missed the first few places, it’s hard to get that ‘comprehensive guide to gastronomical exploits’ up and running. I mean, after a good meal theres always something to distract- a food baby, meat sweats or just too much darn alcohol. So, with my freshly printed list in hand I take on the challenge of the best 100 restaurants in the UK…and with it the challenge to start this blog and see it through.

On the day the list was produced I eagerly looked through. “God, I must have been to loads of these places. Better get my pen to score them all out.”…10 Greek Street….Pit Cue CoPolpoThe Dock Kitchen…um…Boca Di Lupo…eh…Burger and Lobster…and Meat Liquor. So, I have eaten in seven ‘prestigious joints’. Right.

I guess until now I’ve enjoyed the novelty of finding good food for little money and enjoying a real mix of menus, cuisines and restaurants. Gossiping with friends in the cavernous La Bodega Negra, after work catch ups in Mishkins, discovering my ‘where have you been all my life’ restaurant in the unassuming Polpo, new friendships made in Pitt Cue Co over pulled pork and marrow mash, reigniting old friendships over a Dead Hippie in Meat Liquor, seeing my mum revert back to her twenties in Spuntino and whiling away hour after hour in my home-from-home Wahaca.

It’s all an integral part of life down here. But now it’s time to pull up my socks, grab my list and let the scoring happen. One by one, I’m going to try them all…


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